Polish dating culture is mainly very similar to Western. However, there are differences and peculiarities a foreigner should be aware of when thinking about Polish women dating. What are they? How to get a girl? What’s Polish dating etiquette? Keep reading to learn.

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What is dating a Polish girl like?

‌Dating Polish ladies has its specificity. Here are a few interesting facts about dating Polish brides for marriage.

  • Punctuality is important. If you’re running late for a date, let her know. While it’s totally fine to come 15-20 (or more) minutes late in some cultures, it’s not appreciated in Polish culture relationships.
  • Sport is a part of everyday life. Don’t be surprised if she suggests you spend a date cycling. There are many great cycling routes in the country.
  • Equality is crucial. One of the best tips for dating a Polish woman—treat her equally and don’t try to make her a typical housewife.
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Are Polish women easy?

‌Trying to get sexy Polish women might not be as easy as you expected.

‌Polish dating culture is similar to any other in Europe. Are girls in other European countries easy? It’s obvious it all depends on every single girl. Some women are very serious about dating men. They need much time to open up and to understand if he’s the one. Some are less casual, prefer to have fun, and aren’t afraid to start and end relationships.

‌But, on average, no. Polish women aren’t easy to get. But they’re not hard to win as well. Just show you’re a good guy that has good intentions in mind.

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Tips for dating Polish women

‌How to date a single Polish girl? Here are a few recommendations on how to approach Polish singles:

  • Celebrate Wianki. It’s something similar to St. Valentine’s Day. There are bonfires to jump over. Girls make wreaths and let them float on the lakes or rivers. A very beautiful holiday.
  • Don’t make ignorant remarks about Poland. She won’t be impressed hearing something about Poland being a part of Soviet Union or anything else you think you remember. Also, don’t criticize the country, even if she does.

‌You’re going to enjoy Polish girls dating because you’ll certainly have a lot in common with a girl: similar life principles, mindset, religion. If you need an equal partner—go for a Polish woman!

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