Estonian women are hot and of the unusual type. They`re a charming combination of Slavic and Scandinavian features (both inner and outer) that makes them stand out. What else, except for their appearance, should you pay attention to while looking for your perfect Estonian wife? This article will help you out with all the questions!

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Why are hot Estonian mail order brides worth your attention?

Estonian girls know how to have fun and make your life an unforgettable adventure. They`re a great mix of Scandinavian brains and Slavic craziness (in a good way). They know how to party all night and then keep up with all the everyday chores without a hint of tiredness. Plus, single Estonian girls are caring and loveable, so you`ll always feel loved next to them too. Sounds like a perfect combination, right? What else do you need to know about Estonian girls and their hot nature?

Estonian mail order brides

Main virtues of hot Estonian brides

  • They`re well-educated and progressive. Estonian girls know English and have a higher education. They can talk about anything in the world, even technology. This helped them achieve higher positions at work and become the world`s well-known thought leaders.
  • They`re fit. These Baltic ladies are keen on sports. Cycling, skiing, basketball, etc., Estonian girls can do them all. A great thing that will help your future kids, by the way.
  • They`re focused on the family. The post-Soviet countries have one good thing in common: their citizens cherish family the most, and so do Estonian ladies. They`ll take care of their beloved ones all the time, with no regrets for time or effort. If you win a girl`s heart, you`re the lucky one!

Reasons for Estonian girls to marry foreigners

What other goals do Estonian ladies seek when marrying a groom from overseas?

  • More adventurous life. Estonia is a small but economically developed country, so the locals don`t seek migration opportunities to live in a better place. Estonian girls want to marry a foreigner to see more of the world and enjoy different kinds of entertainment and education.
  • Better career opportunities. Although women in Estonia are paid well, many managing positions are still occupied by men, which makes women`s place in society a bit worse. Marrying a guy from abroad is what will help the ladies evolve professionally and have their own steady income to provide for the family.

Other key things to know about hot Estonian girls

What else is left to know about these beautiful foreign ladies to make your life with one of them special? Below, you`ll some hints on where to meet hot Estonian mail order brides and what can be trouble for them as you get married.

Main peculiarities of dating and marrying hot Estonian girls

They might become homesick, so let your soulmate keep in touch with her family and fly to the home country at least a few times a year. Family is the most important thing to them, like for all the Slavic peoples, so respect your soulmate`s needs.

Estonian girls

Best places to meet hot Estonian mail order brides

  • Co-working spaces. Estonia is a technically advanced country where everyone has access to cutting-edge offices and co-working venues. Lots of successful Estonian women like spending their time there, working on projects, or having coffee with their colleagues, for example. It`s also a good place to meet new people while you work, so it`s a great chance to make a good impression on some successful women.
  • Music festivals. Estonians love festivals and music concerts, that`s why you can see lots of announcements about the new performances throughout the year. Try your luck at some of these festivals: lots of women having fun with their friends and free activities that allow you to get to know a person better await you there.
  • City parks. Hot Estonian girls are very fit and take care of their bodies. You can meet lots of them jogging, doing yoga, or cycling. While they get a break, you can get in touch with some, get to know each other better, and maybe join one of them during the next morning jog?
  • Coffee shops. Estonia is full of lovely cafรฉs with tasty coffee and pastries. You can see lots of single Estonian girls reading, working, or simply relaxing there. Take your chance and go say hi to the most beautiful girls over there. Why not start your relationship with such a pleasant moment?

Estonian ladies are a lot of fun. They`re a perfect match for you if you`re looking for a combination of smart and sexy. If you desire an easy-going, lovely wife who`ll be the best friend to your kids, hot Estonian girls are the best choice. Good luck seeking a soulmate!

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