Single Baltic Women: Character, Habits, Dating Peculiarities

International unions are becoming more and more popular. Why? Just because it`s remarkably easy to find your love online today. You don`t have to go to another country to look for a person to fall in love with. That`s why Baltic single women register on a variety of dating platforms and look for foreign boyfriends. What are the other reasons? And what rules to follow for a successful relationship with a girl of a different nationality?

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Top facts about Baltic mail order brides

Probably, the first fact you should learn is that the Baltic region consists of three countries โ€” Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. They`re located in the Northeastern region of Europe and the Eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. What kind of women live there?

  • They`re model-type. With nice physical characteristics, fair hair, and light blue eyes, Baltic girls look extremely beautiful and charming. Estonia is one of the countries where you can find the biggest number of models in the world. However, Latvia and Lithuania make good running too. For example, Tiiu Kuik, Ginta Lapina, and Rasa Zukauskaite are all beautiful models coming from the Baltic countries.
  • They`re green. Balts have a special attitude to nature that surrounds them. All because a great part of their territory is still virgin forests. For example, the proportion of Estonia covered by forest area is about 50%. Approximately the same goes for Latvia and Lithuania. The majority of people living in these countries are real nature-lovers and even follow some pagan traditions. So you`d better demonstrate your love and respect to the planet too.
  • They`re patriots. Although the three counties are quite small, people living there are big patriots and love their lands with all their hearts. For example, Lithuania was one of the 14 nations that were under Soviet control during the URSS times. And it was the first to secede and gain its independence. There`s still a stereotype that Baltic countries are a lot like Russia and that people speak Russian there. However, it`s not like that anymore.

Baltic mail order brides

Benefits of marriage and dating with Baltic brides

Why should you consider dating and marrying a girl from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania? Here are some reasons.

  • Delicious food. That`s really one of those reasons foreign men fall in love with girls from the Baltic. Their cuisine is fantastic, and they`re great cooks. What should you ask your woman to cook for you? Here are the yummiest dishes: Aukstฤ zupa (Latvian beet soup), ลกakotis (a cake), karbonฤde (Wiener schnitzel), Bulviniai blynai (Lithuanian potato pancakes), and many more! She`ll make it all for you for some romantic dinner.
  • Friendly character. There`s a stereotype Baltic people don`t smile and are usually reserved and short-spoken. It`s possible the prejudice originates from the times when the first international visitors began to travel to the countries of the Baltics. It was the time when the Soviet Union started to dispart, and it meant a lot what you were saying. But the situation is different today. Local women and men love meeting and talking to foreigners. If you go to, for example, Riga, they`ll be glad to be helpful to you.

What will marriage with the Baltic bride feel like?

Girls from the Baltic region are gorgeous and have athletic figures. That is why they are so attractive to foreign men. Moreover, Baltic brides are friendly to tourists, thoughtful, and kind in daily life. But what will it feel like to live in marriage with a Baltic woman from one of the region’s countries?

Cherish personal space

The issue of personal space is rather popular nowadays and highly discussed on the Internet. What does it mean to Baltic girls?

  • Baltic brides like spending time alone. If you bond your life with a beautiful girl from aBaltic country, be ready that she will spend a lot of time with herself.
  • They never break into ะฐ person’s space, no matter whether they are a part of her family or not.
  • Living with a lady from Baltic countries, your wife will never control you and ask what you are doing. You will have as much free time as you want.
  • You can always meet with friends, invite them to your house, or spend time on your hobbies, and she will never object to that.

Marrying a single Baltic woman, be ready to respect her personal boundaries and don’t be intrusive. You should get used to the fact that spending time with her loved one is not the number one priority.

Baltic lady

Prefer to stay at home

You may think that one of the favorite pastimes of the Baltic women online is going shopping, visiting the restaurant, or meeting friends at the bar. But your guesses are wrong. Of course, sometimes, Baltic women like to party outdoors, but usually, they prefer staying at home watching favorite series or reading a book.

So, be ready to spend time with Baltic mail order bride and her friends playing board games at home. Unlike Oceanian brides, Baltic women are primarily introverted and like a cozy pastime with a cup of hot chocolate and a nice movie at home.

They are slow

Of course, women from the north are not slow, at least, not in the literal sense. Rather, they are used to making decisions slowly. Similar to Scandinavian brides, Baltic women do not like to rush in any aspect of their lives. Instead, they treat every issue with due care and give themselves enough time to weigh the pros and cons of any situation.

Do not even dream of going on a spontaneous trip with single Baltic brides. Preparing for a trip or a journey, your wife will carefully plan all details. That is why your rhythm of life with a Baltic girl will be measured and without surprises.

Respect their partners

If you marry single Baltic women, no matter which country they come from, you will always feel respect and support. This is because women from the Baltic countries are accustomed to consulting with their husbands in everyday household matters. Also, women from the Baltic region rarely start scandals or tantrums. Instead, they try to solve problems more peacefully. Therefore, if you marry a Baltic girl, your marriage life will always be quiet and calm.

As you can see, marrying a single Baltic lady, your family life will be measured, quiet, and peaceful.

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Tips for dating sexy Baltic women

If you want to succeed in your relationship with a woman from the Baltic region, learn and stick to the following.

  • Never associate her with a Russian woman. You know Balts are patriots. They take great pride in their countries, languages, culture, customs, and history. If your girl hears comparisons with Russia or Russian people from you, she`ll be offended. How would you react if she compared you with a nation your country has complicated relations with?
  • Give her some time. In the Baltics, like anywhere in the world, you`ll find people with varying levels of quietness. Some girls are open and very friendly from the moment they meet you, and some need more time. Don`t be hasty in generalization and try your best to help her to connect with you. Show genuine interest, ask questions, keep a conversation going.
  • Mind PDA. Don`t go too far with showing affection in public. It`s not as strict as, for example, in some Asian countries, but not so loose as in Latin America. Go somewhere between. Holding hands, touching, hugging is okay. But leave more intimate stuff for a time when you`re alone together.

Do you think one of the Baltic mail order brides can become a good girlfriend and a wife for you? Seems like the women have everything for that โ€” nice appearance, friendly nature, good habits, and, on top of that โ€” a desire to date foreigners. Will you give them a try?