Poland is a Slavic country in Central-East Europe which is a land of wonderful, captivating landscapes, the Baltic Sea coastline, and the winding river Vistula. Being home to numerous natural wonders, the biggest attraction there is local women. They amaze guys across the planet with a seductive appearance and tempting character. Foreigners find it exciting to fall in love with such a bride. Are you one of them? Read about hot sexy Polish girls to get more chances to start a romantic affair with one of them.

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Sexy Polish ladies` common traits

These girls have some qualities that men can`t discover in women of other nationalities. Guys consider them to be well-educated, respected, and independent. What else should you know about these ladies? Foreigners admit the following traits:

  • Modest
  • Friendly
  • Positive
  • Responsible
  • Family-oriented
  • Easy-going.
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How do sexy Polish women look like?

In Poland, every guy finds an ideal lady to his taste. Thanks to an impressive variety of shapes, colors, and styles, it`s possible to discover a partner of your dreams. These women belong to the Western Slavic group, that`s why they boast feminine Slavic traits. They amaze foreigners with a naturally gorgeous look, slender figures, and silky locks. The hair color is more light than dark. Local girls have gray, green, or blue eyes predominantly. Following the latest fashion trends, such a girlfriend always looks stylish. She has cute makeup without tons of cosmetics and false eyelashes. Everything is harmonious in her appearance. Choosing such a bride, you get convinced of it.

Sexy Polish ladies: What else should men know about them?

They want to be equal

Hot Polish ladies come from a highly developed country where they achieve a good profession and well-paid job. Girls are used to being equally treated, so guys notice it during communication. These girls are looking for a partner who is ready for a family life. Instead of aggressive feminists, Polish brides are just reliable and independent personalities who don`t want to be weak. But knowing a beloved better, men find out they`re incredibly tender and need a strong shoulder too. When you want to settle down with a woman you can rely on in a bad time, one of the hot sexy Polish women will become an ideal partner.

They like spending time in nature

Sexy Polish woman adores nature and walks in the woods. The majority of local girls appreciate picking mushrooms in the forest. While foreigners avoid it because of the risk of fatal poisoning by eating something they find in the forest, mushroom picking is a Polish holiday tradition. Women love it, and since a great part of Poland`s territory is covered with marvelous forests, this is one of the most common ways of spending free time outdoors. These girls really like waking up early in the morning to find mushrooms earlier than others. Women teach kids the names of all types of them, describing all the methods for identifying edible or deadly poisonous ones. With such a spouse, you`ll have a great time, forgetting about boring sitting in front of the TV screen on the weekends.

They stick to wedding traditions

Marrying a sexy Polish ladies, you find out what โ€œOczepinyโ€ is. It`s a popular Slavic tradition symbolizing the transition of the bride from a maiden to a married lady. Traditionally, the bride`s hair is cut or shortened, and a cap is put on. Usually, it starts when people throw a bridal bouquet. If โ€œcarnivalโ€ in anthropology means shifting the boundaries of what is socially acceptable and what is not, then oczepiny is a carnival par excellence. Guests may be asked to pass an orange to an unfamiliar aunt without using hands or to temporarily change sex and dance rumba or tango with someone of the same age. Polish brides appreciate these funny games and would like to have the same at their wedding.

How do they interact?

Hot Polish women are direct and honest interlocutors. They aren`t shying about expressing their opinions and can criticize fairly honestly. People from other cultures may get the impression that Poles are overconfident. However, in Polish culture, sincere communication is a sign of trust and close relationships. It doesn`t mean that local women are rude. They`re welcoming and warm-hearted with foreigners, especially with men. Also, humor and sarcasm play a large role in Polish ladies` communication style.

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How to bring gifts to Polish sexy girl

Dating a Poland sexy girl, men wonder what they can bring to please her. Guys should consider there`s a certain etiquette when it comes to giving gifts. Usually, they`re given on name days (on the birthday of the saint after whom the lady is named), birthdays, and Christmas. Women open the gift immediately after receiving it. To succeed with it, follow the next tips:

  • Gifts shouldn`t be too expensive, as this can embarrass a lady.
  • Suitable gifts are flowers, wine, sweets, or pastries.
  • Never give an even number of flowers of any type.
  • Don`t choose the following flowers as gifts: yellow chrysanthemums (since they`re considered funeral flowers), white or red flowers, especially if they`re lilies or carnations.
  • Before you give flowers, take them out of the paper.
  • Bring gifts on name days which are celebrated more often than birthdays.

What kind of family you can create with a hot Polish girl?

Probably, your soulmate comes from a small family which is typical for Poland. Children often stay with their parents in the same house or city before marriage. But modern people give their kids the freedom to choose where to live and work. They don`t interfere with a ladies` private life and family. Typically, women visit their relatives on weekends. Such a partner doesn`t appreciate a big family as giving a lot of attention, and high-quality education is the main priority. It means they`d like to have 1 or 2 kids. Willing to have a small independent family, you fulfill your dreams with one of the sexy Polish girls.

Stunning ladies from Poland seduce men from overseas with high family values and a mix of femininity and independence. Numerous foreigners are keen on their character and gorgeous look, dreaming of getting such a spouse. Would you like to open a better chapter in life with one of the Polish singles? Choose one of the top-rated dating websites and find a sexy Polish girl to fall in love with!

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