Poland is one of the most developed countries in Europe, where live modern young girls who know everything about dating sites, where they can easily find a great partner. 

If you want to meet some of the most beautiful girls in Europe โ€“ choose Polish beauties, and you will not regret it. They are so popular with foreign men because they work on their figures and have graceful shapes.

In addition to appearance, Polish women can also boast of a good and compliant temper. They follow traditions and adore the culture of their own country.

They are picky about relationships and only start serious relationships. Finally, most importantly, they do not mind marrying a foreigner and accepting his culture. Continue reading to learn the features and interesting facts about Polish women.

Top features of single Polish ladies

Poland is one of the most popular tourist destinations thanks to its great architecture, nature, and cultural diversity. Besides, many males prefer to go there just because of the ladies. Dating single Polish women is an incredible and appealing experience. Here are some great features making men go and visit Poland to meet single Polish girls:

  • Alluring beauty: slender bodies with cute faces are secret weapons of these ladies. They know how to make you fall in love with them, not to mention their beautiful and captivating eyes.
  • Religion and traditions: the majority of Polish women are catholic, and theyโ€™re really religious, and this is why there are so many churches across the country. Whatโ€™s more, Polish single ladies value traditions, and as an example, they consider it disrespectful when someone enters a church or their houses in hats.
  • Commitment: relationship is something serious for single Polish ladies, and you better show serious intentions, or you wonโ€™t have a chance to impress your lady.
  • Higher level of education: more than half of the female population of Poland has higher education, and thus, women from this country are very ambitious and career-oriented.
  • Curious nature: when dating these ladies, be prepared to answer myriads of questions, as theyโ€™re really inquisitive and love learning something new, especially from foreigners.
  • Similar age preference: they prefer dating someone close or similar to their age and itโ€™s not common for them to find someone much older, so age is important for single Polish women.
  • Holiday lovers: almost every holiday is special for them, and it means that theyโ€™ll spend their time with their families and those they love. Polish single girls love visiting their historical sites theyโ€™re so proud of. For example, the biggest castle in Europe, Malbork, is one of the most visited places.
  • Language skills: besides speaking their mother language that is hard to learn, most Polish girls can speak another language.
  • Peculiarities: they have many interesting specific peculiarities. They pay attention to the flowers and their number when going on special occasions. They like watching movies dubbed by one person. Or almost everyone has a catholic TV channel theyโ€™ll watch quite frequently.
Polish ladies

How to please a single Polish lady?

Polish girls are smart, kind, and charming, so many men dream of meeting them and starting a family. Read useful tips that will help you conciliate the Polish bride.

Make a nice first impression

To please a Polish woman, you should better invite her on a nice date. Polish single women are pretty romantic and would not mind going to a restaurant on a first date. So choose the best restaurant in town where you meet a Polish lady, and she will appreciate your idea.

To make a good impression, buy a symbolic gift for her. You do not need to think long because a single Polish woman will be happy with the usual bouquet.

Behave elegantly

Polish girls do not like impudent and overconfident men. Therefore, try to behave restrainedly and calmly. For example, do not try to find out all the facts about a Polish girlโ€™s life on the first date because it may seem rude. How to interact with her instead:

  • Try to listen to her more than talk. Of course, donโ€™t be silent because single Polish women for dating are pretty talkative and want the same in return.
  • Behave like a gentleman, open the door for a single Polish lady and pay for lunch at a restaurant.
  • Remember table manners and donโ€™t neglect them.
  • Give your girl the right to make a choice, offer her a menu, a dessert, ask what wine she prefers. It is important to show that her opinion matters. 
attarctive polish woman

Show your dedication

Polish girls respect men who have a purpose in life. Tell the girl from Poland about your plans and goals for the future. This way, she will understand that you are a serious person and she can start a family with you. After all, a person who doesnโ€™t have a goal is suspicious.

Feel free to talk about your achievements in life. When you meet Polish singles, feel free to tell them about the successes in your career and other areas of your life. However, you do not need to embellish. If you are honest with the Polish girl, she will also be honest with you. After all, Polish women are not interested in money. They usually have a promising career and are well-off.

Single Polish girls enter only into serious relationships with the prospect of marriage and starting a family. Therefore, the fact that you share particular goals with her will show that you are open and sincere and ready to share your aims in the future.

Following these tips, you will understand how to better behave with single Polish ladies and what they expect of you. 

Single Polish ladies take pride in their beauty, in which they invest a lot, their education level, and their attitude towards others. If you need a really feminine foreign lady for a marriage of unearthly beauty but smart at the same time, then Poland welcomes you. Donโ€™t miss your chance to fall in love with Polish single women!

5 Interesting facts about Polish single women

Knowing the basic features of Polish women is not enough if you want to make a good start in Polish women dating. Polish women are a mystery to discover. However, there are plenty of surprising facts connected with Polish culture and lifestyle.

Fact โ„– 1 โ€“ Polish girls are not allowed to have an abortion

Since 2021, according to Polish law, Polish single woman cannot have an abortion if she wants to. The only exclusions are health problems or threats to womenโ€™s lives. Many Polish girls are against this law and have arranged numerous campaigns against it.

โ€œThis law is a compromise between the Catholic Church and politicians without the participation of women,โ€ โ€“ Krystyna Kacpura.

Because of the strict law, about 200,000 Polish women annually have illegal abortions or move to do the operation in other countries.

Fact โ„– 2 โ€“ Polish single girls have pure genes 

98% of Polish people have saved their ethnicity despite other European nations. There are almost no people of different nationalities in Poland. National minorities are mostly Ukrainians and Belarusians who move to Poland for better career opportunities. That is why you will unlikely start dating single Polish woman mixed with other nationalities.

Fact โ„– 3 โ€“ Polish women are the most educated

Polish ladies are considered one of the most educated compared to their European neighbors. 90% of people in Poland have diplomas in the middle or higher education. Compared to other countries, Polish single ladies are the most intelligent. There are more than 100 universities in the country. The Jagiellonian University, the first university in Poland, was built in 1364. Polish women try to save their status as the most educated and spend lots of time on university education and self-education.

Fact โ„– 4 โ€“ Polish women speak English well

Dating single polish women, they will understand your native language well. The native language of the Polish women is Polish. Besides the Polish language, many Polish girls understand Russian and Ukrainian well. They are not only good in Slavic languages but can also boast of excellent knowledge of the English language. You can quickly start a conversation in English with any single Poland girl for marriage, and she will respond to you on a high level. Of course, you can face with language gap in communicating with older people, but most of the young people in Poland know English well.

Fact โ„– 5 โ€“ Polish ladies adore dogs

Almost every Polish woman has a dog. Polish girls especially like Yorkshire Terriers, so donโ€™t be surprised that they will take the puppies along by dating single Polish girls. The breed is prevalent in Poland because most people live in small apartments. But Yorkshire Terriers are not the only dogs loved by Polish beauties. The ones who can place German shepherd or Labrador Retriever do so.

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