Dating Or Marriage With A Japanese Woman: What Are The Perks?

Why would a typical Westerner desire to search for a wife on the other edge of the world? That`s probably influenced by the geisha notion and its popularity around the world. But being geisha doesn`t mean to please the men: it`s actually about entertaining guests with arts and conversations. So, who beautiful hot Japanese women are then?

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What are Japanese brides like?

Every girl in the country can`t be described in one way. They`re various and have different priorities in life. But there are a few features all women of Japan have in common.


By law, the established work hours in Japan are 40 per week, meaning 8 hours per day. But in reality, near 25% of local companies require at least 80 hours of overtime every month. The single Japanese are used to such a schedule and never leave the workplace earlier, especially earlier than their boss. Japanese girls are dedicated employees, and this affects their responsibility in everyday life too.

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Japanese women live almost till 82 on average, and Japan is in the list of TOP 3 countries in the world with the highest life expectancy rate. Locals take care of their health, eat good food, and exercise regularly. Many Japanese offices even have their own morning exercise clubs for workers.


To open true feelings is a challenge for a typical Asian girl. They rarely show their real emotions and almost never demonstrate disappointment. They`re extremely polite and choose to smile nicely instead of stepping into the conflict. Hearing words of love from such a lady will take much more time than you`re used to.

How to win the heart of a beautiful Japanese woman?

The way Japanese women date differs from a Western model. Following these simple tips, you`ll make this difference almost invisible.

  • Don`t push. The first kiss, holding hands, and any other kind of emotions displayed in the early stages might insult your Japanese bride. They care about their personal space and need more time to trust you.
  • Take care of your hygiene. Weird, but helpful tip. Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world! Locals used to take care of the surroundings and themselves and expect the same form you.
  • Don`t treat her based on stereotypes. Asking her out to eat some sushi won`t display you in the best light for her.
  • Don`t wait for words of love. Even when you`re telling her how much you`re falling in love, you might get a simple โ€œthank youโ€ as an answer. The Japanese don`t open up easily.
  • Plan everything! You`re responsible for the first date and all the other dates as well. She won`t tell you what she`d prefer, so take the initiative! This way you show you can be the leader in a relationship, and this is what she looks for in a man.japanese woman

How your life will change after marrying a Japanese girl?

  • You`ll have to learn how to understand her hints as she won`t tell you when something is wrong.
  • Chopsticks will become your new fork. Never put them in your food, by the way! It`s a sign of bad manners.
  • She`ll never cheat on you or lie to you. The Japanese are just very honest! If you lose your wallet in Japan, the chances locals will return it to you with all the money inside is 90%!
  • You`ll get used to morning exercises and maybe even enjoy it. Japanese brides want their husbands to live longer too!
  • Surprisingly, you`ll drink more coffee than tea. Coffee shops are extremely popular in Japan, and your wife will find a few favorite spots in your neighborhood to enjoy morning coffee with you every day there.

Japanese mail order bride might become the cutest girl you`ve ever dated and the most supporting wife. Isn`t this what you`re looking for?