Chinese Brides & Women: What Hides Under Their Cute Appearance?

Probably, the main reason for such demand among Western grooms is Chinese accepting behavior. They rarely question the challenges life gives them, just take it for granted. Who wouldn`t desire to tie the knot with such a humble lady who is also beautiful like Lucy Liu?

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What women in China are like?

Did you know more than 1 billion people live in China? It`s the biggest country in the world! No wonder, it`d be impossible to describe all women in a single way โ€” there are different ethnicities, and some are more westernized, while others are more traditional. But still, there are certain features almost every lady in China possesses.

Chinese brides

They stay fit long

These Asian ladies live till 79 on average. That`s mainly because of the lifestyle they lead and the healthy food they prefer. Sport is a common thing for all generations, and you`d be surprised by the number of outdoor activities in local parks. Seeing several groups of all ages in one place exercising in the early morning is pretty common!

They climb career ladder

Despite humble nature, girls from China can do much more than simple housekeeping and husband pleasing. Local foreign ladies take an active part in creating a business environment in the country and often, occupy leading positions. They can be both caring wives and successful entrepreneurs at once.

They rarely show emotions

Compared to Western females who usually never hide emotions inside, pretty Chinese women prefer to stay calm no matter what. You`d probably never find out if you upset her judging her behavior only. They believe by storing all the emotions inside, they won`t cause any harm to their closest people.

What wives do Chinese brides make?


Family for Chinese people is the number one priority in life. Creating close family bonds is the goal for the majority of locals. In China, all generations live under one roof: children, parents, grandparents. So, even moving abroad, every cute Chinese girl will take care of creating the warmest atmosphere in your house and try hard to establish a strong connection with your relatives. Entering her family as a husband, you also become their son.


Man is always the head, and woman is the neck. This is also influenced by the accepting nature of the Chinese. Women feel comfortable being the supporting friend to their husbands and inspiring them to reach career heights. It`s not about living with a dominant and forgetting your own needs. It`s about love the way the Chinese see it.


It all comes from a political system in China. Communism is still there, and it influences all the spheres. The government controls the way citizens think and tries to regulate their opinions formation. That`s why the majority of popular websites are banned there. You won`t easily access such popular platforms like Instagram or YouTube there, for instance. Local ladies want to breathe free and learn the other world too! So, in family life, your hot Chinese girl will be thirsty to trying many new and exciting things.

Chinese woman

Dating a Chinese girl: how?


  • Being in time. Chinese people are extremely punctual and expect the same from you. It`s about respect for them.
  • Small gifts. Chinese girls appreciate every sign of attention and are very cute in relationships.
  • Texting. Locals more eagerly tell you about their feelings in a message than right in your face. Dozens of sweet short messages every day is the must for average Chinese couple.


  • Being too emotional in public. Kisses, hugs, and soft touches on the street will make your bride feel uncomfortable.
  • Overreacting. The single Chinese meet every life obstacle with a calm mind, so showing any emotions like anger or disappointment, you`ll see their disapproving face.
  • Showing you don`t like the dish. Chinese cuisine might be a challenge for you at first, but instead of saying how disgusting that chicken feet is, put it aside and try something else.

Open the inner world of Chinese mail order brides is definitely worth it, as you get a loving and caring wife in the end. Sounds exciting, agree?