What associations do you have with Thailand? Sex tourism and the realization of all your fantasies? Yes, Thai has such a side. But there are also many others. On one hand, it`s where people come for sexual fun. On the other hand, lots of humans find spiritual harmony and come to find an exotic wife here. What Thai and local women are about?

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Cultural peculiarities of hot Thailand girls

More than 70 ethnic groups live in Thailand! This makes females in the country diverse, but still, they all have something in common.

hot Thailand girls

They always smile

Everywhere! Thailand is known as a land of smiles, and there`s a reason for that. It`s a cultural trait of the Thai to smile no matter what. That`s why you get such a pleasant impression of Thai girls at first. But there are numerous variations of smiles, and not always positive. If your girl is smiling, it still doesn`t mean she`s happy with everything.

They`re subservient

If you`re dreaming about a humble and obedient foreign wife, this might be your choice. She`ll more likely always agree with you and your opinions and rarely argue. But it all has a certain limit. One day she`ll tell you everything she wasn`t happy with even if you don`t remember the case, thought in a kind manner. Divorce rates are still low in Thailand.

They`re too polite

When you ask your sexy Thai girl what she`d like to watch tonight, she`ll answer โ€œI don`t careโ€ and smile in the sweetest way. But it isn`t exactly what she means. She waits for you to ask her one more time, so she can express her thoughts and wishes then. The Thai are very polite and try not to disappoint anyone.

How to win attention of hot girls in Thailand?

There are many rules to remember when you`re with a Thai. These are just a few:

  • Dress nice. Thai people care about the way they look in public and expect the same from you. Messy hair or a dirty t-shirt will make her refuse the date. In a sweet manner, of course.
  • Don`t argue on the street. Arguing is considered a sign of a bad upbringing. Thai prefer to solve conflicts nicely and calmly. Actually, they rarely have any.
  • Never try to kiss her when you go out! All intimate things and displays of affection are for the home. When you`re around other people, act in a way that doesn`t violate their personal space.
  • Learn โ€œwaiโ€ gesture. No hands shaking, hugs, or any other touches. These all are rude in Thailand.
  • Never put your feet on the table. Feet are considered dirty in Thailand and placing them higher than the ground, you show huge disrespect to the person you`re with.
  • Hold her hand if you`re already dating. Holding hands is allowed and acceptable.
  • Don`t point at people with your finger. Just like with feet, it`s extremely rude in Thailand. If you want to show something, wave your head or hands instead.
  • Never raise your voice. Hot Thai women are in complete harmony. They never overreact and let emotions overwhelm them. If you choose to yell, you won`t get an answer. Moreover, you`ll more likely lose your bride`s interest.
hot Thailand woman

What changes will sexy Thai woman bring to your life?

  • Spicy salad, spicy soup, spicy noodles, spicy everything. This is what Thai cuisine like. Get used to it!
  • You`ll know where the closest Thai cafรฉ is situated. There are a few of them in every city in the world! Your single Thai bride will always have something to eat from her homeland.
  • You may get a home spirit. The Thai believe in ghosts โ€” good and bad. Usually, they praise those living in every home appeasing them with special rituals.

With a hot Thai woman, you may finally your inner harmony and peace. Sounds great, yes?

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