The tallest ladies of Europe reside in Latvia, making them look even more appealing. Despite the countryโ€™s small population, these women have become popular among Western men. They take pride in being independent, well-educated, and erudite. Be prepared to be dating them accordingly. Before you venture into dating Baltic women, find out some interesting facts about these charming ladies.

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Top features of single Latvian women

Beauty of nature of Latvia is accompanied by the beauty and charm of the ladies living there. Attracting attention from sexy Latvian girls may require you to be patient and smart enough. Still, itโ€™s worth your try. Here are some great features making them unique:

Latvian women
  • Astonishing appearance: 2 factors contribute to their beauty. One is the inherent beauty you can see in their blue eyes, cute face, and sexy body shapes. Another factor is that they invest a lot in their appearance. Whatโ€™s more, donโ€™t forget that the average height of Latvian women is 5โ€™6 feet (170 cm.)
  • Smart ladies: Baltic countries value education, and this is why ladies from Latvia are highly educated and erudite. Thus, itโ€™s never boring to date them. But you better show intelligence to impress these ladies.
  • Fans of more serious relationships: casual dating isnโ€™t their preference, as these women tend to have longer and more committed relationships. If you plan to date them, you need to show your serious intentions.
  • Icy nature: one of the most popular features many people find negative is their icy or too formal attitude. Such behavior is observed at the initial stages of dating, but indeed, these ladies are really sensitive, but it may take some time to melt their hearts.
  • Patriotic values: family and their country are important for them. They value their family members, but love for Latvia is another great feature in these women. So, you better respect their families and motherland.
  • Moral standards: they believe that females and males are equal, and their morals are based on feminism. Still, they know how to respect others as well.
  • Adventure lovers: Latvia is really rich in great nature and nice beaches, and ladies living there love spending time traveling to different parts of the country. If you start dating them, be sure to travel almost the whole country.
  • Capital lovers: 1 in every 3 Latvian women live in the capital city Riga. They love their capital too much, and visiting it in summer is one of the most common vacation plans living outside the city.

Single Latvian women can easily impress you with their glance and appearance. Donโ€™t be deceived by their cold look, as theyโ€™re hot, passionate, and sensitive inside. Find your Latvian single lady and change your life forever. Donโ€™t forget these women are worth your attention and time.

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