Your Trusted Guide To Secure Online Dating

Over 32 million Americans only used online dating services in 2020, and experts predict this number will keep on growing. This way of making acquaintances is highly popular in many countries, and the digitalization of the modern world will soon make it the number-one solution for young people.

With the growing number of users, the range of scams and cheats increases too. Users need reliable sources of information about modern dating platforms to secure themselves. It`s not enough to read a couple of user testimonials to understand the functionality, website interface, profile quality, mobile compatibility. So there were apparent reasons for us to launch a trustworthy and informative service with fair reviews of popular dating sites. is your best guide to the world of online dating and here`s why!

Who`s behind the scene?

The idea to create this service appeared as the result of multiple failures faced in online dating. We`re a team of enthusiasts who`ve faced challenges with meeting real people behind profile photos and managed to achieve success learning this direction by trial and error. We don`t want anyone else to get disappointed in the opposite gender and doubt the existence of true feelings.

Now we have a clear understanding of how to achieve success trying to build relationships online, and we want to help others do it with a minimum of obstacles on their way. Our platform contains hundreds of dating site reviews so that single people could make the right choice of the best platform easily.

Our mission

Online dating has always been popular, but a variety of scams and fraudulent activity have ruined many people`s trust in it. However, how many happy couples have found each other on dating sites and spent years in happiness and love thanks to that! We`ve launched to increase the number of people who bathe in love, enjoy relationships, and feel needed. All this can be achieved if you register on an effective site!

Our platform offers unbiased reviews and ranking of many popular dating websites. Users can find out all the pros and cons of the site prior to registering on it and choose the place that meets their requirements the most accurately. We aim at improving the experience of every single person and revive effective online dating free of challenges and negative associations.

How do we rate dating sites?

Long-distance dating has a number of peculiarities that differ from the traditional way of building relationships. Men can look for ladies all over the globe, and thousands of kilometers are no longer an obstacle. Our platform has detailed descriptions of brides from different countries, benefits and possible challenges men can face in relationships with them, dating and cultural tips, etc. Reading them, men can realize which girls can meet their expectations and choose the site where their selection is the widest.

Another direction of our service is to provide males and ladies with unbiased reviews of dating sites. Members of our team join a platform and learn it from the inside to offer actual and detailed information. All our reviews have a standard structure including the following points:

  • Design: we analyze the website interface, registration procedure, quality of profiles, and other features.
  • Price: you can see the actual cost of services offered.
  • Other reviews: our team does the research of user experience on the platform to give a clear picture.
  • Safety and privacy: you`ll find out how safe this site is, whether it undertakes any measures to protect personal user data, and how the payments are processed.

We rate sites on a 10-point scale and assign up to 5 stars. One star means 2 points in the rating. So our readers can realize the credibility of a certain site by the final grade. has been launched to prove the future of dating is online, and it can be safe and positive with the right assistants beside!