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Many girls are willingly coming to the mail order bride world, but how to turn this decision into the success story? Just imagine a young girl who lives in the capital and expects no prospects there, but then, due to the mail order bride solution, she starts living in the marvelous house, somewhere in the USA. And you, as her beloved husband, will profit too โ€” your home will no longer be empty and boring. Read further to find out how to turn this fantasy into the real-life story.

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Why Do Women Become Mail Order Brides?

The majority of mail-order brides want to live better. Before, they usually have never been abroad, and the situation in their home countries depressed them a lot. Probably, these girls had a couple of relationships with the local men, but they were disappointing. And then they nurtured the desire to live with a man who treats them like princesses.

The act of marrying a man from the other country can sometimes be seen as the real adventure. Still, many women for marriage donโ€™t just seek for a better life! They need comfort and love.

American Women vs. Foreign Women

Why do you need internet brides if there are a lot of American women? For starters, the difference in mentality matters. American women tend to be more career-oriented and craving for independence. They tend to create a family and give birth at the age of 35-40 years. For American women, their career is the priority.

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If you want to find a bride who will dedicate most of her time and attention to you, switch to foreign brides. Asian, Slavic, and Latin women are way more family-oriented than American ones. For them, finding a good husband is the priority in life.

Who Is The Best Wife: Slavic, Latin, or Asian Girl?

It depends on the qualities you look for in the order bride. All the women of these nationalities are family-oriented. But there are some little differences.

Russian brides like to have a lot of kids. They also tend to do all the housework and value of living in America very much. They like gifts and flowers. Those women like when a man is dominating in the family. Russian women can be emotional sometimes.

Latin brides are magnetic and passionate. They have a temper and amazing body shapes. Their internal magnetism will make you fall in love. Latina women control all their emotions, but when they are in love, they are unstoppable. They are also smart and like to solve some difficult situations.

Asian brides are the ones who love to shine. They dedicate a lot of attention to how they look. Also, they are very nice to their husbands. Asian women are feminine; they are loving and caring. If you want to buy a wife who will adore you, this is your best choice.

What Are Girls Looking For In Men?

Not only men who want to buy a wife look for certain qualities. Itโ€™s a two-side road; the same goes for women. Here you go with the list of character traits every mail order bride wants to see in you.

  • Confidence and reliability.
  • An ability to think for the whole family sometimes.
  • Big thinking, orientation on goals.
  • Respect and loyalty to her.
  • Love and desire to have children.

Of course, the demands of women are different, but these qualities are what all real mail order brides want.

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Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Mail Order Bride


  1. She will be family-oriented.
  2. All mail order brides are beautiful.
  3. You can choose a perfect woman for you.
  4. An age difference doesnโ€™t matter.
  5. The distance between you is not a problem.


  1. You will invest some money and time.
  2. Cultural difference can be a problem in the beginning.

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How Mail Order Brides Work?

Mail order bride definition is a woman from Asian, Eastern European or Latin country who want to marry an American. This industry works pretty simple to explain.

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Some men crave to find a bride from the one side. Women are looking for husbands from the other side. There are websites and land-based agencies that connect them.

Men pay money to get a bride, and women need to leave their countries to move to the husband. Land-based agencies are in general more reliable. Finding a bride online is more comfortable for some people.

How to Keep Your Mail Order Bride Interested?

First of all, pay a lot of attention to her, especially when she comes to your country. Lost and uncomfortable โ€” this is how sheโ€™ll feel during the first couple of weeks. Coming to your country, the girl of your dreams can know English on a good level, but it won`t solve all hardships for her. You need to be moral support and an entertainer for your bride during the first weeks. Take her on a two-week vacation to show the surroundings or go shopping with her.

Which Mail Order Bride Site Is Best?

There are lots of sites, and everyone has their criteria of best and worst. It`ll be best to use some reputable dating sites with reviews. They usually make the top-5 or something lists not to make you lost. The more detailed profile youโ€™ll create, the bigger your chances to find a perfect partner will be!

Can Mail Order Bride Really Work?

If you register on some reliable mail order sites and use tips on how to behave there, it`ll work. You`ll succeed even more if you buy a Premium membership, so don`t be greedy for your own luck. You`ll definitely attract women`s attention, while the individual and respectful approach will bring a victory for you! Also, be polite and respect every woman while texting.

If you do it, women will feel a perfect husband in you, and they`ll treat you accordingly.

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Is Mail Order Bride Dating Safe?

As far as you choose reliable dating sites, yes. No one would guarantee that you will have no trouble with online dating. But in case you`re careful enough, everything will be OK. Just follow the basic security rules and don`t share your personal data to the third parties. There`s no need to wait until something terrible happens to you. Moreover, choosing the paid mail order sites, you raise your safety standards immensely.

What to Expect From A Mail Order Bride?

The same as from any other woman. It`s different for everyone, but there are some general tips. On the dates, she`ll be beautiful and polite. When she comes to your country, she`ll try to look sharp, but inside she`ll have the fear of uncertainty. Try to make her comfortable and form a daily schedule for her to keep her busy and interested. Please include some language studies in it.


Some girls are afraid to be a mail-order bride, and it`s quite understandable why. However, foreign men have the better reputation as husbands not without the reason.

Girls, don`t be afraid of changing your life, it`s always for the best! Guys, please be supportive, positive, and respectful to your future wives. If we combine a brave woman and a supportive man, this will be a perfect beginning of an international marriage.