If you’re to visit any country in Oceania, you should consider visiting one of the most unusual and interesting places like Papua New Guinea. Did you know that this country is the only place having more than 800 languages? However, it’s not an abundance of language that this country is proud of. Single Papua New Guinean ladies should be your spotlight when visiting this place.

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The most interesting facts about single Papua New Guinean women

The most appealing fact about this country is cultural diversity, approximately more than 1,000 cultures. This is what makes ladies from Papua New Guinea more attractive. Before dating them, get to know some of their features:

Papua New Guinean women
  • They love partying and having a great time: one of the myths about these foreign brides is that they’re too conservative. Actually, you’ll be amazed by the nightlife in this country and the way Papa New Guinean single women like having a great time.
  • They’re fans of foreigners: if you’re not from Papua New Guinea, you won’t have problems attracting the beauties of this country. What’s more, if you visit the major cities like Lae, Alotau, Moresby, etc, you’ll have higher chances to find a hot and passionate girlfriend.
  • They don’t sleep after the first date: if you wonder whether it’s hard to get laid with a girl from this country, you need at least a couple of dates for that. Don’t expect anything after your first date.
  • The ladies from Moresby are more modern: if you want to find someone with modern views, the best candidates live in the capital, Moresby. Here, you’ll find more stylish women you can start dating.
  • They’ll find good places for dating: it’s interesting that when dating someone from this country, they become your guide at the same time. It means all dating places and locations will be chosen by them. This is because not all places there are public and some may belong to people or tribes.
  • They speak more than one language and pidgin: this country is one of the rarest places where you can find so many interesting languages including pidgins. Your girlfriend and guide will probably speak in some of them. It’s hard to find someone not speaking more than one language. This country speaks more than 800 languages.
  • They live in a more traditional way: more than 80% of people live in rural places, so a girl you’ll be dating could be from the rural places communicating through a wantok (a type of language.)

Papua New Guinean girls are hot, cute and kind women. The majority of them are modern, although the country is known to encompass myriads of various tribes. Finding love here may seem challenging, but it’s worth giving a try!

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