Lithuania isn`t always in the public eye, as it`s a calm ordinary country. But once you go there, your life won`t be the same. The reason is its females. Local women can`t but amaze single men from different corners of the world. They don`t do anything to be so popular, just stay themselves. This is probably their most attractive feature.

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What`s hot Lithuanian girls` power?

Lithuanian women are popular among local and foreign men. They have lots of attractive traits. Here are the most vivid ones.

Seductive beauty

Women from Lithuania can boast of charming fragile appearance. Long blonde hair, blue or grey eyes, and silky fair skin. These features are harmoniously combined with long legs and slim figures. It`s a traditional image of Baltic countries` females. Of course, not all beauties are blondes, there are lots of brunettes and red-haired girls, but it doesn`t derogate their attractiveness. Do you remember famous Lithuanian women like Grazina Baikstyte, Agniya Diskovskite? They`re very attractive irrespective of age.

Lithuanian girls

Due to natural beauty, single Lithuanian ladies don`t use much makeup. Their passion is refined perfume. They like to leave a heady unforgettable trail of scent passing through your life. Still, savory aroma won`t be the only association with sexy Lithuanian women who also are stylish and always look richly and elegantly.


At this point, it`s not about feminism and emancipation. Lithuanian women don`t want to rule the world or dominate relations and won`t prefer career to family. They have ordinary dreams about pure love, a balanced relationship, and a happy family. Still, these ladies are special. They`re soft, tactful, tolerant, and can settle down conflicts in a specific kind way that`s in the power of females only. They win over by sincere gorgeous smiles which you won`t find among people in the West.

Femininity is also realized through good manners, respect for people, and a wise attitude to life. These women appreciate what they have, demand not much, and prefer to do what is right. Their partners can`t but become better to keep up with beloveds.

Strong character

Femininity and strong character, are you confused by such conjunction? It`s an incredible fact! Hot Lithuanian women are quite self-sufficient and can achieve any goal. A constant desire to do what`s right prevents them from dramatics coming across difficulties. They used to face challenges with dignity and keep calm. Maybe it`s the reason for their success. These ladies aren`t afraid to take responsibility, that was proven during the elections. It delivered a victory for the opposition of three parties, all led by women.

Natural wit

Lithuanian brides adore studying and are quite gifted by nature. They won`t neglect an opportunity to gain new knowledge even if it presupposes some discomforts like weekends without rest or lack of sleeping hours. According to the research, 59 % of students if Lithuania are female. Laziness and self-imposed life destruction is unacceptable for these women, which helps them to be successful and independent.

Lithuanian woman

Hot Lithuanian brides and their favor over foreigners

In Lithuania, more and more women become mail order brides to find a decent foreign partner. There are several justified reasons for that.

Unequal population

According to the statistics, the population of Lithuania counts 1.26 million men and 1.46 million women. Thus, female residents exceed 200 thousand. Obviously, a great number of girls fail to start relationships with countrymen. Fortunately, today they can use modern dating platforms to find a partner from any corner of the world staying home.

Females` insecurity

Lithuanian women are hot but often suffer from different types of discrimination. Domestic violence remains the second most reported crime in the country, 80% of the victims are females. They don`t feel safe at home with local men and tend to move abroad or be single.

Males` incomprehension

Ladies from Lithuania aren`t satisfied by local men because of misunderstanding between. For example, women consider obstinacy and self-support their main traits of character, while men share the first place between diligence and tenderness. Such falling-out prevents girls from accepting the way they`re treated by men.

Sexy Lithuanian girls have alluring appearances and beautiful souls. They`re excellent partners for strong men who aren`t afraid of lifetime balanced relationships, based on love, mutual support, and understanding. Don`t hesitate, it`s your chance for happiness!

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