After 150 years of isolation, Japan opened its ports to the Western world. Numerous Japanese single girls began to look for a husband from overseas. They gained a good reputation among foreigners as attentive wives and caring mothers. Today, guys from different countries have a soft spot for their striking beauty, femininity, and charm. These women are much more diverse than you might think. Read this article to find out numerous interesting facts about them, getting closer to Japanese culture. Using this knowledge, you approach any sexy Japanese girl you meet!

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How do Japanese single girls look like?

Guys across the globe are fascinated with Japanese beauty. Unusual traits make these singles special and desirable to foreigners. Probably, your beloved has dark silky locks, brown eyes, a fit figure, and short stature. She tempts with a bright healthy smile, mysterious eyes, and natural beauty. Thanks to excellent genetics, such a spouse looks like a 25-year-old lady in her middle ages. She always lights your fire, being tempting every day, especially in the bedroom. Choosing one of the Japanese single women, you get a young and seductive partner whose unique beauty makes other men envy you.

single japanese woman

Special wearing style

Modern Japanese single ladies try to follow a Western dressing style, but they wear kimono for special events. Girls wear certain types of white socks. This dress is an essential part of Japanese culture, so it`s important to know how to wear a kimono correctly. It might seem like a piece of clothing that women really can`t go wrong with: they just put it on, wrap one side in front of the other, and tie. Such a dressing style makes a single unusual and mysterious.

Basic single Japanese ladies` traits

Ladies from Japan belong to the most charming brides-to-be owing to numerous positive character sides. You have never thought how many singles lack a reliable man`s shoulder. Willing to settle down with a devoted and exotic girl, find out why foreigners across the globe are keen on them. These Asian women are known as perfect spouses due to the next traits:

  • Intelligent
  • Family-oriented
  • Well-mannered
  • Tempting
  • Reliable.

Japanese women want to end up being single, thus looking for a compatible partner from abroad. That`s why they`re open-minded to other cultures and nationalities. Being deeply interested in exploring fresh ideas, styles, and trends, these brides easily adapt to another location. Foreigners value this trait a lot. What else makes these ladies so unique? Find out below.

They follow traditions

Beautiful single Japanese girls follow local customs. Probably, your lady likes tea ceremonies and flower decoration. When she invites you to the house, expect she`ll bring a cup of tasty tea as a sign of respect and trust. Following customs is also seen in the fact such a partner loves cooking traditional food like sushi. Regarding family, it`s the main priority in Japanese culture, so a beloved devotes all her spare time to raising kids, cleaning rooms, preparing dinners, and creating a cozy atmosphere. Sticking to these traditions, she becomes a wife other guys only dream of.

Single Japanese ladies value your time

Single Japanese women appreciate punctual men, as it`s highly valued in Japan. Understanding a responsibility, they arrive on dates and at work at least 10 minutes before the start. Such a partner always comes on time. Unlike many other girls late because of long-lasting preparation, your lady doesn`t make you wait. Willing to gain her trust, don`t be late for meetings. It`s one of the first steps in your romantic affair you may do.

These girls are cute in their superstitions

When men meet single Japanese women, they notice some superstitions which are an integral part of their lives. When it comes to marriage, brides often use cranes in wedding decorations and even dresses as a symbol of longevity in life and marriage. Also, guests avoid saying the words modoru (to return), kaeru (to go home), or kiru (to cut) because this might curse the bride, forcing her to leave a man and return to parents. In addition, even numbers of notes are unlucky to include in a wedding gift. Marrying such a single, consider this fact and tell about it to your foreign friends who are invited.

japanese single girls

What does a single Japanese girl like?

Hot bath

The majority of Japanese ladies like visiting Onsen with friends and relatives. It`s a part of Japanese culture, where people take a hot bath in special places indoors or outdoors. Visiting a woman, you notice numerous onsens in hotels and public places. They`re popular among locals, so every girl gladly appreciates an idea to go there. They consider it has a positive impact on health and mindset. Thinking about a perfect date with such a lady, remember this point.


Being one of the pot-rated Japanese cultural exports, anime is highly valued by every single Japanese woman. Anime refers to Japanese animation, hand-drawn or digitally created. It had an essential impact on modern Japanese culture. Moving across the country, look at different anime statues, themed snacks, and character-based ads. Dating a foreign cutie, don`t neglect anime, naming it childish cartoons, as it has deep meaning and symbolism. Ask a beloved about her favorite anime or enjoy it together!

Learn bowing to become closer to a single Japanese women

Coming to a Japanese girl to end up single life, one of the first peculiarities you admit is bowing. It`s the act of lowering the head or the upper part of the torso. Locals use it for saying hello, greeting, saying goodbye, or asking to come again. They bow saying โ€œthank youโ€ or โ€œmercyโ€ before eating, praying at a shrine, and much more. You aren`t obliged to bow back, but slightly shaking your head is proper etiquette, demonstrating you see or hear. Learn it to get closer to a desirable lady. She`ll appreciate your interest in Japanese culture, and you`ll be rewarded soon.

Single Japanese women for marriage combine the most feminine character sides deeply appreciated by men across the globe. With a mysterious and exotic look, they put a spell on foreigners like you. Are you one of the guys obsessed with the idea of marrying such a diamond? Numerous singles from Japan look for a compatible husband on trustful dating sites. Choose a platform to find a single Japanese girl and start an ideal romantic trip!

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