Are you dreaming about dating a single Swedish lady but have no idea of where to meet her and how to date? Wonder about dating and cultural peculiarities? A detailed, structured, and really helpful info and tips are below. Keep reading.

What are single Swedish women like?

What do you really know about Swedish women except they`re strong-willed, confident, live in a highly-developed country, and call themselves feminists?

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Hot Swedish girls are usually considered to be the sexiest all around the world. You can`t ignore the fact almost everybody in the country looks like a model โ€” high, beautiful, with higher cheekbones, glowing skin, and ideal bodies. That`s because a balanced diet is a must for them. Another reason is sport that`s promoted massively in the country. Many locals say the best way to endure the endless winters is by going on a long run.

Swedish lady


Are Swedish women really that beautiful as they all say? Yes. They look amazing. Firstly, it`s estimated that about 80% of Swedes are blond and women with fair hair seem to look younger than they really are. Secondly, can you imagine that almost 80% of people in Sweden have blue eyes? Many believe it`s the most attractive eye color. Finally, their facial features are very symmetrical and soft.

2 facts about single Swedish girls

If you`re not so familiar with Swedish culture and society but plan to date a Swedish woman, learn a few facts below.


You`ve heard about Greta Thunberg probably. No, not all Swedish are so hardcore environmental activists, but people are generally very conscious about their influence on the climate, and it`s absolutely normal for them to sort trash and recycle. Less than 1% of home waste is thrown into landfills in the country now.


It`s true, Swedish aren`t the world`s most sociable and outgoing people. A typical Swede it`s not highly likely to start speaking to a stranger on a street, smiling at them, saying hi, and asking how are things going. Maybe the reason is a quite severe climate with cold and wet weather. They also consider it`s pretty impolite to ask people you don`t know well personal questions. But once you know each other better, your Scandinavian woman will become friendly and warm.

Swedish woman

Do`s and dont`s for Swedish single ladies dating

Here are a few recommendations if you`re planning to date a Swedish women but know a little about the cultural peculiarities of her country.


  • Make the first move. The first rule in Swedish dating is not to be shy. By the way, it concerns both men and women. Because of complete gender equality, it`s totally okay for a woman to make the first move too. No one waits for a better day, weather, or mood. Be bold!
  • Split the bill. Again, Sweden is all about equality, and going Dutch there`s completely normal. Though you might offer to pay. It`s also accepted. But if a girl says no, just agree. It`s not because she wants to offend you or prove you something.
  • Be politically correct. It`s important for all Swedish as they consider it`s rude to interfere with others` personal opinions and views. Try not to raise any political topics or say what you think about abortion or other sensitive topics.


  • Kiss her on the cheek when you meet and greet her. It`s not customary in Sweden and can make a girl feel awkward. Instead, give her a hug. That`s what they usually do.
  • Lose patience. If you`re thinking things are going too slow with a Swedish bride and you start to believe she`s just not into you, just be patient and don`t give up. A typical Sweden woman doesn`t wear her heart on her sleeve. She`ll tell you about her feelings but in time.
  • Underestimate the importance of her personal space. Swedish are the people who don`t sit next to each other on a bus unless it`s necessary. They respect personal space and expect it from other people. Don`t be too intrusive.

Aren`t Swedish single women for marriage perfect girls for dating and serious relationships? Beautiful, sexy, and smart. You certainly should give it a try.

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