What do you know about Norway? That it`s a cold snowy country with reserved people? Believing stereotypes you won`t explore reality. Norwegian women might become the best choice of women for marriage and surprise you with their warmth. And no, they`re not all blondes.

What single Norwegian women are like?

Norwegian ladies are diverse. Both Ingrid Bolsรธ Berdal (actress starred in Westworld) and Alisha Ilhaan Bรธ (actress from 13 Reasons Why) are Norwegian! Yes, single Norwegian brides definitely have something to surprise you.

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They prefer simple approach in clothes

It doesn`t mean they wear rags! They just see no reason to follow all fashion trends that change more than 4 times a year. Norwegian ladies are more practical. They`ll spend good money on a thing that`ll be with them for many years. It has to be comfortable and of good quality. But their curves will be still visible, no worries.

They spend lots of time outside

There`s probably no other nation in the world that would love nature more than Norwegians. Hiking, simple walks in the park, bike rides, skiing โ€” Norwegian single ladies prefer active leisure and fresh air. Maybe that`s the reason for their baby skin and happy eyes?

Norwegian Women

They`re reserved and distant

But only from the first sight. Yes, it might be not the easiest task to open your Norwegian bride. She won`t be very affectionate with you, and words of love might be rare guests. But inside, she`ll be burning and one day ready to let you feel that warmth. Being patient is the key.

They`re feminists

There`s a joke that even Norwegian men are feminists. There`s a very low level of gender inequality in the country and women know their value pretty well. They occupy high positions just like men and don`t have a huge wage gap. If this changes, they`ll go on a strike.

How to win attention of Norwegian singles?

  • Don`t brag about the money. First, Norwegians have other life principles. Second, how are you going to impress people from the country with one of the best quality of life in the world?
  • Take her to the bar. Norwegians love to drink, though they do it not very often. Buying her a drink you`ll make her feel more relaxed and open with you.
  • Don`t complain. This is not the way Norwegians behave when life challenges them. Just do anything to solve the problem or accept it.
  • Don`t violate her personal space. Hurrying with hugs and kisses, you`ll get nothing and maybe even lose her.
  • Never gift her a fur coat. Norway is a highly ecological country that takes care of the environment. By the way, fur farming is now officially banned in the country.
Norwegian lady

How Norwegian single woman will change your life?

  • You`ll learn how to ski. They adore winter sports and are good at it.
  • You`ll go on a picnic often. To the park, beach, or even backyard. Norwegians always try to be closer to nature.
  • You`ll cook at home more often. Norwegians rarely go out to dine just because it`s very expensive there! Thus, ordering a pizza every night might be something new for her.
  • She`ll take you to the sun every year. Norwegian ladies adore getting tanned and sometimes even overdo with it. Having a fair complexion naturally, they dream about the brown tone famous models have.
  • You`ll learn how to stress less. Women in Norway are perfect at balancing life and work. You`ll never see them taking overtimes as they believe without good rest, there won`t be productive work.

Don`t hesitate to take a risk of making Norwegian single woman`s cold heart to burn with love and you`ll be rewarded with a warmth you couldn`t expect. Such a result is worth trying, don`t you think?

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