Did you know Latvia is one of the countries with the biggest number of world-famous models? Such names like Ieva Laguna, Ginta Lapina, and Karlina Caune speak for themselves. Who wouldn`t desire to marry such a beauty? Let`s discover sexy Latvian women`s personality.

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What are Latvian females like?

They`re beautiful, undoubtedly. What`s more?


Westerners tend to perceive all former Soviet nations as reserved and distant. The unemotional face is what they usually see coming to those countries. It`s hard to argue on that. But the moment you start a conversation with a Latvian, you`ll see her smile and feel how kind and open she is to a stranger. These beautiful Baltic girls are always ready to help. Moreover, they know 3 languages: Latvian, Russian, and English. So, communication will be smooth.


Latvians are among the tallest females on earth! On average, every sexy Latvian bride is no less than 170 cm. Maybe that`s the reason for the big number of models coming from this country. Add a perfect fit figure to that, and you`ll understand why it`s so easy to fall in love with a Latvian. Doesn`t such a lady become a dream for many men?


Latvians adore to dance and sing. They go to nightclubs or dance classes to reveal all their emotions with the help of dance. You`d more likely notice your woman dancing while cooking dinner and sinning in the shower. But that would be honey to your ear as they usually have a wonderful ear for music. Latvians celebrate art at the annual Song And Dance festival. It`s a national holiday, and thousands of residents gather together to enjoy beautiful music and dance. Local women usually wear their traditional clothes on that day and look amazing in it.

Latvian woman

How to win attention of sexy Latvian women?

Being nice and attentive would be enough for the beginning. Here are a few more tips on how to behave when you`re dating a Latvian:

  • Never call her Russian. Russia, just like Latvia was part of the big Soviet Union. Now it`s two separate independent countries. It shouldn`t surprise you they both can speak Russian. Roots are roots.
  • Ask her out on a beach date. There are many picturesque beaches in Latvia, so your girl is just used to such leisure. No matter where you are, in Latvia or your home country, take to swim and sunbathe.
  • Be a gentleman. It relates to small gifts and nice gestures like holding the door, giving flowers, and taking care of her. In this country, females dream about leaders: husbands that become strong shoulders of support and let them feel like little girls again.
  • Pay the check. It comes out from a previous point. You lead in this relationship. Show your woman you`re able to provide for the future family and aren`t greedy.
  • Don`t ask why she still lives with her parents. Young and hot Latvian girls don`t hurry to live family house until they`re married themselves. This also means you`ll have to meet the family in the early stage of the relationship too.
  • Order her some beer when you`re out. Latvians love beer and have a good taste in it. Moreover, it might help her to feel more comfortable and relaxed with you if you just started dating.
Latvian lady

What life will you have with a sexy Latvian bride?

  • You`ll learn how to pick up mushrooms and berries. Latvia is rich with forests and locals spend time there from early childhood.
  • You`ll watch hockey together. It`s a national sport! Hockey is a new football in Latvia.
  • You`ll try Riga Balsam. It`s not only a tourist trick. Latvians love it themselves and often use it when getting ill. They say it helps better than pills, dare to check?

Life with a hot Latvian woman will be calm, exciting, and memorable. Take your chance!

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