Lots of Lithuanian girls are looking for a foreign groom right now. They never miss the best options because the Internet in Lithuania is the fastest in Europe. So be sure that single women of Lithuania online will not leave your profile unnoticed. 

But what to do if you have already found the gorgeous Lithuanian lady on the web? It may be a little scary to start a conversation with a girl from another culture and lifestyle. Luckily, you can read this article first, as here are described all the peculiarities of Lithuanian ladies. Don’t miss the dating tips that will help you arrange the perfect and memorable date, and of course, get acquainted with the traditions of Lithuania girls. You will be armed enough to talk to and meet a  single woman of Lithuania online by knowing all the information.

When do single Lithuanian girls want to marry?

Single Lithuanian ladies find the age between 25 and 27 years ideal for the family creation. In their country, the legal marriage age is 18 years old, but women take their time with it because of studying. After the university, they start to look for a compatible partner. Lots of ladies are keen on foreign men, so you have all the chances to settle down with a young and seductive cutie.

Single Lithuanian women: What are they?

Single Lithuanian women have their peculiarities both in appearance and lifestyle. Lithuanian girls have exciting traits that are attractive to men from all over the world. Discover them below!

These singles are harmonical

Single Lithuanian women combine several personalities simultaneously. These Baltic beauties become good housewives, attentive mothers, interesting interlocutors, and passionate lovers. Such a partner maintains all the life spheres in balance. After marriage, they don`t concentrate on the house only, continuing a career and personal development. This girl is happy to learn about new things, staying a desirable wife and a caring mother. Being harmonical, she teaches you how to keep a balance and enjoy every moment of being.

single lithuanian women
Single women of Lithuania

Single Lithuanian women are art-lovers

Local girls enjoy cultural events held throughout the year. They appreciate wonderful classical music, theater, film, and poetry festivals, attended by many well-known Lithuanian and foreign artists. Lithuania is also widely recognized as a jazz country, so women there are keen on international jazz festivals. Coming to a beloved in autumn or winter, go with her to a cozy indoor space that is often filled with classical music, jazz, theater, and cinema. Having such a great time with a foreign man makes her happy!

They`re nature-loving

Lithuanian women wish to explore a beautiful world around. They want to see the most breathtaking corners of the local nature. Arrange the 5-day tour to visit vibrant Vilnius, beautiful Trakai and its castle, the hills in Kernavė, and several stunning Lithuanian national parks. A single Lithuanian women will be happy to spend a week in nature with a man she has a soft spot for.

They`re basketball fans

Basketball is the most popular game in a beloved`s country. For her, it`s like the second religion. Lithuania has the fourth-best basketball team in the world, winning three bronze medals at the Olympics. Probably, your girlfriend is basketball fun and gladly follows all the matches. Maybe, she has a favorite Lithuanian player like Jonas Valanciunas, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, or Domas Sabonis.

They like cooking

These foreign women prefer balanced nutrition, preparing different dishes which are not only tasty but healthy too. Your bride cooks numerous cereals, green salads, soups, and sweets for a daily table. A girl pleases you with a delicious beetroot soup or cepelinai. Show your interest in her traditional cuisine, and she`ll gladly prepare numerous local dishes for you. A lady takes it as a hobby but not a duty. With a single Lithuanian lady, you forget about cold snacks and fast food.

They have special names

The most popular Lithuanian names have a Christian origin. For instance, Ona for Ann, Irena for Irene, and Janina for Jane. The names of the medieval Lithuanian leaders and their wives are also popular among modern people. They`re Vytautas, Gediminas, Mindaugas, and Birutė. Women`s Lithuanian names end in “-ė” or “-a” while most male names end in “-as,” “-is,” or “-us”. Every female surname has 3 variants: one for an unmarried girl (ending by -aitė, -ytė, -ūtė, or -utė), one for a married woman (-ienė), and one optional marriage-neutral, introduced in the 2000s per a European Union request (-ė). It`s a sign for distinguishing ladies` family status too.

single lithuanian lady
Lithuanian girl

How to behave with such a lady?

Coming to this country, you notice that women don`t greet people they don`t know. They avoid direct eye contact with strangers in transport and keep seats empty for elders. When girls visit friends or relatives, they bring sweets or bouquets with an odd number of flowers. Inviting guests to the house, brides do the best to provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. If this lady invites you to home, follow her local traditions which are simple and probably similar to yours. Dating her, you won`t face any essential differences when it comes to visiting.

Lithuanian girls are so hot that foreign men can lose their heads. Still, guys should follow some common communication rules. Women greet familiar people with direct eye contact and a warm smile. Girls use hugs to greet the best friends and relatives. Being close to each other, your greetings become more unconditional and may include hugs or kisses. But take your time and wait when she does it first. Men in Lithuania often pay for bills in restaurants and cafes, so a girl expects you to do the same. Local fellows are initiative and inventive in dating, so you should set dates and choose the best place for meeting.

What do Lithuanian girls expect from men?

Lithuanian girls do not mind meeting foreigners because there are 15% more women than men in Lithuania. However, single Lithuanian girls do not lower their expectations of men from other countries.

  1. Lithuanian women are not interested in money. Women living in Lithuania are independent and self-sufficient. Most Lithuanian women have higher education and work in high-paying jobs. They are economically literate and value money. That is why almost every single Lithuanian woman has real estate. They consider putting money in real estate a reliable investment.
  2. Lithuanian girls like athletic men. Lithuanian women love not only playing basketball but also other sports. They lead an active lifestyle, visit the gym regularly, and practice yoga. As a result, Lithuanian women who’re single ladies look slender and sporty. They want to find an athletic man who takes care of his physical shape and leads a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Lithuanian women are friendly and caring. They even help strangers if they get into trouble. That is why to court a single Lithuanian girl, you need to be a kind and loving man who is always ready to help his lady.
  4. Women from Lithuania pay attention to the family-oriented men. When you meet Lithuanian singles, you can be sure that they are serious about the relationship. From the very beginning of the relationship, they see a man as a future father of their children.
  5. Lithuanian girls expect to have a trusting husband. When you meet Lithuanian single women, be sure that they will never be jealous if you talk to or look at other women because they tend to trust their husband in all aspects of life.

Lithuanian girls love children and consider it their duty to care for them. However, division of household responsibilities is also important for Lithuanian single women dating. For example, almost every Lithuanian woman does not want to become a cook or a laundress. Therefore, it is vital for her that the main household chores are shared equally between spouses.

If you want to marry a single Lithuanian lady, be prepared to start a family with her after a few years of marriage, she will not wait longer. Therefore, it is better to tell her about your intentions on the first date.

Lithuanian women need a trustful husband who will rely on their end and believe their words. If you doubt a Lithuanian woman in any aspect of life, she will leave you.

Because of these expectations of Lithuanian girls, many men want to meet Lithuanian single girls and start a family with them.

attarctive lithuanian woman
Single Lithuanian girl

Traditions of single women from Lithuania

Lithuania is a country with a rich and long history. Lithuania women have been fighting for independence for many years, and now the Lithuania girls are very patriotic. They consider traditions one of the most vivid expressions of the nation’s difference, that is why they are trying to follow all the practices in modern society.

Building a house

Among the essential traditions of single women of Lithuania is building the house. They believe that every man should build a house for his family. So don’t be surprised if your Lithuanian girl will wait for the same from you. Therefore, skyscrapers are unpopular in the country. Only students live there.

Gathering with a family

During the warm seasons like Spring and Summer, Lithuanian girls gather with family and friends and have a barbecue every weekend. 

Lithuania girls especially like gathering in the nature, breathing fresh air, and prefer picnics to restaurants.

Arranging the fairs

Fairs are one of the inevitable parts of Lithuanian traditions. The most famous fair is the Kazyukas fair, which is always held on the first days of March, where everyone can buy willow – bouquets are made of dried plants. A single woman of Lithuania dries and keeps willow bouquets in the house all year round. Lithuanians believe that the willow protects the family from evil spirits.

Singing old songs

Lithuania has been called “the land of songs” in ancient times, and women decided to give the title a second life. In the last week of May, the grand and loud folklore singing festival occurs. The festival visits thousands of residents.

Single Lithuanian girl prefers singing in the Chorus and taking part in various folk ensembles.

Beautiful Lithuanian woman

Leading family businesses

You can often find different companies and corporations in Lithia where only relatives work. Lithuanian women employ their sons, daughters, and brothers. That is why some companies are family dynasties. Lithuanian people also like to work together and get a job in one company.

Bread baking 

Lithuanian people preserved the unique recipe of baking a loaf of bread. The special feature of this bread is that it can stay fresh for three to four weeks. But this is not the single unique trait of this bread. It is also considered the tastiest in the world. 

That is why don’t forget to try out the national bread of Lithuanian girls. Be sure that a single Lithuanian woman will gladly bake one for you.

Holding goat beauty pageant

Don’t you know that not only Lithuanian girls but the goats are so beautiful to take part in a beauty pageant? In Remygala, a small Lithuanian village, people choose the most beautiful goat every year.

“The only thing we didn’t do to prepare the goat for the pageant is we didn’t polish its nails – because we thought of it too late,” – Petkevicius, the goat participant owner.

At the beauty pageant, goats, look stunning. They gave special dresses, decorations, and hairstyles.

Single Lithuanian ladies are often online

You know that feeling when you can`t find a fast internet connection or Wi-Fi in a restaurant you choose? Well, these singles don`t know what that`s like. In their country, the internet is cheap, reliable, fast, and accessible. Thanks to it, ladies interested in international dating are always online and active on appropriate sites. Willing to get acquainted with a compatible Lithuanian girls on the web, you have all the chances to create a long-lasting connection on dating websites

Single Lithuanian girls are enviable singles for men from different parts of the planet. Being famous as attentive wives, gorgeous ladies, and interesting interlocutors, they attract guys at first glance. Have you ever dreamed of marrying one of them? Lonely girls from Lithuania look for a reliable foreign man like you on popular dating sites. Find a reputable platform and start fulfilling your dreams!

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