Many foreign men dream to meet single Chinese women. Firstly, Chinese women have an exotic Asian appearance. They are tiny and fragile. Secondly, they have a calm temper and restrained nature, and they are religious and hardworking. This mix makes them appealing to foreign men.  

Although single women from China are pretty traditional and restrained, they are interested in dating foreign men with the help of dating platforms. Lots of Chinese girls tend to try out the relationship with Western men. They also consider white-skinned people appealing and respect their culture. 

If you want to meet a single Chinese woman, remember you can face a huge culture gap. The first step to finding a Chinese lady is acquaintance with her lifestyle and culture.

All you need to know about single Chinese girls

Dating a Chinese is something incredible, but don’t forget that you need to impress them first. But why should someone seek their attention and love? Here are some great features about these women:

Chinese girls
Single Chinese woman
  • They can be shy, especially in public: when you meet single Chinese women, you’ll notice that in public places, she won’t even hold your hand since she’s too shy, but in private, she may turn out to be a passionate woman.
  • They’re very supportive: when dating a Chinese girl who’s single, it means you have someone who’ll help you whenever you need that. So, emotional support is what they’ll always offer to you.
  • They’re respectful: even if sexy Chinese women who are single don’t like you, they’ll turn you down in a more polite way. Rudeness isn’t about these ladies, so if you’re lucky to be dating them, you’ll always be treated like a king.
  • They’re always active: their beauty is what they deserve by hard work, as these ladies can’t be considered lazy. They’re always active and diligent by nature, so you should keep up with that.
  • They’re traditional: most Chinese single ladies are regarded as traditional, and thus, sex might be considered a taboo topic when dating them. You better gain their trust before hinting at intimacy.
  • They can help you learn Chinese: interestingly, when dating foreign men, these women are eager to teach or at least help to learn their language. So, be prepared to learn a new language.
  • They respect their history and culture: China isn’t just a country for them, it’s more than that. They have embedded patriotism and love for their land and its values. So, you better show respect to that.
  • They’re superstitious: when dating Chinese ladies, you’ll notice that they pay attention to things like avoiding number 4 which means death in their culture.
  • They value tea: for you, tea is just a type of drink, but in China, it has much more to show. The way you prepare, serve, and drink tea will determine your social status.

What are the dating and marriage traditions of Chinese women single?

China is an Asian country that is not similar to any country you have visited before. Therefore, the dating culture here is unique and surprising for most foreigners. Because of that, you should firstly read essential facts about their dating traditions before you meet single Chinese girl.

Parents arranging dates

It is common for parents to arrange blind dates for their children in China. Here, parents are considered more competent and try to find the best match for their children. Not depending on the sex of the child, parents agree with the parents of the candidate they choose. It is hard for local men to meet single Chinese girls.

Chinese Values 

«More so than Westerners, many Chinese views are dating as a pragmatic affair»- China Mike.

When a guy and a girl have dinner, the young lady does not try to learn a potential partner’s hobbies or life principles sincerely. Instead, she is more interested in what this man is wearing, his watch, the mobile phone, where he works, and whether he has an apartment or car. These factors determine whether the man will meet single Chinese girl online next time. Unfortunately, all young , Chinese ladies are mercantile but some believe in true love.

Attitude towards women

In China, the matriarchy prevails. Women are worshiped by men here. The husband does his best to satisfy his wife, although he does not lose his dignity. The man should try harder to meet single Chinese woman online, as he has to have a high-paying job, expensive car, and apartment.

Chinese girl

Bringing up the kids

In China, there is no time for mothers to raise children – they, the same as men, have to earn money and work six days a week. If the parents live in another city, the children meet single Chinese women online once a month. This is considered normal and even commendable – parents do not waste precious time.

In China, maternity leave lasts only three months. Most women go to work right away. The way you prepare, serve, and drink tea will determine your social status.

Tips for dating the Chinese woman single

Because of the difference in dating culture, it may seem not very easy to impress and court Chinese girls. But, of course, depending on the Chinese culture, there are some rules you should follow dating a Chinese girl:

  • Compliment her: Chinese women like it when men adore them, but you should sound confident enough to make a compliment. Ordinary compliments like “you look stunning today” may be perceived as a manifestation of good manners. You should try to make more individual compliments when you meet single Chinese girls online, like “this gorgeous dress makes your cute face even more beautiful .”This way, Chinese girls will understand that you like them.
  • Don’t talk about the previous relationship: if your Chinese girlfriend asks you how many women you had in the past, it is better to say one, even if it is not valid. Chinese girls may see it suspicious if you had lots of girlfriends in the past, as they seek serious relationships.

Remembering these tips, never screw up dating a single Chinese girl. Also, remember that Chinese women are pretty conservative. That is why they try to avoid intimate topics on the first date.

Single Chinese girls might seem inflexible or stubborn at first, so you may need some time before you can impress them. With these ladies, you’ll have a chance to be respected, loved, and cherished, not to mention their loyalty and devotion. Thus, you better do your best to gain their hearts. If you succeed, the rest will be much easier for you.

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