Vietnam is a country where men don’t fully realize what a treasure they have in the personalities of Vietnamese single ladies. However, gentlemen from other countries have already spotted all the benefits of these pretty ladies. Vietnamese single women have a special appeal and enchant gentlemen with their stunning exotic appearance, kindness, and strong family values. 

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Do you agree with this image of a girl from Vietnam and want to learn more about these ladies? Keep on reading, and you’ll find lots of interesting facts about Vietnamese single girls and online destinations to meet them.

What are Vietnam single women like?

There are three things that add Vietnamese bride’s special charm and value. Men can’t help admiring the following features of these gorgeous women.

Eye-catching beauty

Vietnam is an Asian country, so the appearance of local women will always seem to Western men exotic and mesmerizing. They’re tender and slim, while a porcelain shade of the skin tone serves as a perfect background for distinctive facial features. The main peculiarity of Vietnamese women is their petite stature, so you may get your own Thumbelina with endless energy and dark complexion. Such a woman will be the object of envy for many guys!

Abundance of positive traits

When you speak about the benefits of an Asian bride originating from Vietnam, it’s impossible to list all of them in one sentence. These girls have a calm, caring, and sympathetic nature. They’re friendly and optimistic as well as hard-working and enthusiastic. Vietnamese girls are educated and open-minded, so they can adapt to any new environment easily and show their flexibility in the majority of life situations to prevent any misunderstanding.

Undoubtedly, the most important qualities of Vietnamese single women are their loyalty, desire to give love, support, and a constant desire to inspire for new achievements!

Life-affirming values

The Vietnamese population has several traditional cultural values including kindness, tolerance, self-reliance, kindness, and optimism. However, in addition to these must-have features of a girl from Vietnam, it’s a pleasure to mention their traditional family values, respect for other people, desire to learn, and achieve perfectionism in everything. This range of values affirms the intense vitality of the nation and says about the great potential of local women when it comes to married life!

How many single Vietnamese women are there?

The female population of Vietnam is around 49 million people. A good deal of them is single Vietnamese women looking for relationships. Thousands of them don’t mind starting romances with foreigners and leaving their country to feel happy in marriage overseas.

What kind of women can you meet in Vietnam? Local girls don’t hurry to enter serious relationships quite early but they don’t postpone this decision for long too. The average female’s age of marriage in Vietnam is 23 years. Furthermore, these ladies marry once and forever, since Vietnam has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world estimated at around 0.6 divorces per 1,000 marriages. It means that the majority of girls you can find there are young ladies between 18 and 30 with one common goal of marrying a decent partner.

Things to keep in mind about Vietnam single girls

When you decide to look for Vietnamese single girls and try to attract them, there are several more things to keep in mind about them.

  • Men should take initiative and pay on dates;
  • Any relationships entered by local girls are considered serious and are expected to end up in a proposal and marriage;
  • The majority of girls live with their parents and family until they marry;
  • Girls from urban areas are more financially independent and westernized than ones living in rural areas;
  • The majority of women in Vietnam are traditionalistic.

How to get single Vietnamese women online?

There are several options where to look for Vietnamese single girls online. Naturally, the first thing that occurs to you is casual dating sites, but are you ready to waste your time on fun and scammers? Probably, it’ll be difficult to find girls with serious intentions and a desire to move abroad on such sites.

Another more popular place to find Vietnam single ladies is specific international dating sites. These platforms attract girls dreaming of a happy family with a man from another country, so the chances to get acquainted with a real Vietnamese woman willing to marry are much higher there.


Do you want to experience the best emotions interacting with Vietnamese single ladies? These tenaciously loyal human beings have everything a man can ever desire. They’re emotionally consistent, polite, and patient. These women know how to meet partners’ expectations and make relationships healthy and flourishing. Do you want to ensure that? Meet your Vietnamese soulmate on a popular mail order site and enjoy a romance with her!

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