Dating Russian women is an amazing experience. Girls are incredibly attractive, fun, and humorous. Besides, they make caring and extremely loving partners. You want to try dating a Russian woman and need advice? Want to learn more about their dating culture? Keep reading.

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Reasons to date a Russian girl

โ€ŒThere are certain things to know when dating a Russian girl. But before you learn more about local dating culture and how to date a Russian lady, see the reasons why you should go for these females.

  • Russian girls look like supermodels. Do you know sexy Russian models like Irina Shayk or Natalia Vodianova? Don`t they look astonishing? Many ordinary girls in Russia look same hot.
  • Russian girlfriend dating is all about loyalty, help, and support.
  • Russian ladies are great cooks. Pancakes, borscht, pastriesโ€”everything is extremely delicious.
  • Russian women are very feminine. Grooming is their every day ritual and beauty salons are everywhere in the country.
Russian women

Russian dating culture

โ€ŒWhat is dating a Russian woman like? Do real Russian brides make great partners for Europeans and Americans? What are the dating peculiarities?

  • Dates are less casual. In general, dating a Russian woman rules are quite similar to those in the West. However, the majority of girls are oriented towards long-term relationships. They don`t usually date just for the sake of dating and having fun.
  • Gender roles are stricter. Traditional gender roles hold sway in the country. That`s why there are still problems like the gender pay gap, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. What should you keep in mind when dating Russian women? One of the most useful tips for dating a Russian girl is to demonstrate masculine qualities like courage, leadership, and assertiveness more.
  • Appearance is important. Everyone knows women dress to impress. They try hard to look great, especially when they go on a date. And they would expect men to look nice, too. So one of the Russian dating tips is certainly to think about what you wear.
Russian dating

Dating Russian women tips

โ€ŒWhat`s the secret of successful Russian women dating, and how to date single Russian women in America and in other countries?

  • Pay the bill. Always. Even if she offers to go Dutch.
  • Be initiative and confident. Be the first who calls and asks her out.
  • Ask more questions about her country, and never say bad things about Russia.
  • Bear cultural differences in mind while Russian online dating.
  • Don`t talk fast and give her time to get used to your accent.

โ€ŒRussian dating etiquette isn`t that different from the one you might be used to. Just be honest and serious with your intentions. Don`t lie to girls, be caring, and keep in mind a few dating cultural peculiarities mentioned above. That`s it. Eager to try?


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